Cuddle with your Whole Self:
​​​​​​​The Art of Being There as a Cuddler

Before I Learned How to Connect with My Cuddle Clients, I Struggled Hard with my Professional Cuddling Business

I wasn't sure how to fill up my schedule.  I had turned to odd jobs pay my bills while my business floundered and I continued to exhaust myself.

I didn't understand! I had good sessions, and my clients told me I was a good cuddler! But very few people were coming back even after what I thought was a great cuddle session with a great client.  I wished I knew what they were thinking!

The next month, I met Peter Benjamin.  And I learned a LOT about connecting with other people.  And where I was disconnecting with people. But not only that, I learned to speak to those disconnections, build connection with even the most introverted of clients, and make more so I can support myself.

With him, I learned the key principles of being there for my clients, and began to reshape my business to reflect the caring, kind space I wanted to give to my clients over and over again.

Within 9 months of implementing a different kind of connection to bring to my professional cuddling clients, I:

  • Went from 3 returning clients to 12+ clients returning regularly for sessions at least once a month if not more
  • Brought way more energy into my sessions and after holding intense emotional space for clients
  • Had more satisfying clients that were opening up to me more
Peter, amazed at the difference this type of connection was bringing to my work, wanted to work with me to bring the skillsets he taught me and the ones I've applied to my own work and help you create a more connected and growing cuddle practice than I did.

So we've formed our three month program, which has:

  • (2) LIVE 90 minute interactive group video lessons a month with lessons and exercises to practice with other attendees
  • (1) LIVE 60 minute FAQ lesson at the end of every month to answer any questions about the lessons you have
  • Recordings of all videos
  • Workbooks for every lesson of the way
  • (1) 30 minute 1-on-1 call with Peter Benjamin on your struggles with connection and building a deeper level of work
  • (1) 30 minute 1-on-1 call with Samantha Varnerin on identifying disconnect in your business

Over 3 months, you'll learn about:

Month One: Desire

Making requests, setting boundaries, and deepening curiosity

Month Two: World-getting
Exploring curiosity and fully being with

Month Three: Impact
Revealing it, sharing it, building connection with it.

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